A windy afternoon, standing on our porch watching the storm clouds roll in, orange and fuchsia streaking the sky, I stepped into a giant Expressionist canvas and was transfixed. I wanted to instantly join with nature to learn its many wondrous secrets. In expanding my creative boundaries beyond the confines of two dimensional design I became captivated by the mechanics and intricacies of jewelry. The luster and rich hues of diamonds and semi-precious gemstones are as hypnotic today as the kaleidoscopic sky that windy day long ago.”

Made in New York, the sculptural statement pieces combine classical compositions with a little bit of edginess. Using a sculpting technique of carving, melting and layering original pieces in wax, casting them in gold, then finishing them by hand, Hazel creates her signature style with the use of semiprecious gemstones and burnish set diamonds.

I hope the collection challenges people to embrace the simple elegance of nature’s intricacies and its many intriguing beings.