On TWITTER Maria Suppa writes: 
"LOVE LOVE LOVE that ring" (B&W • meteor ring with diamonds)
"Your jewelry is so amazingly beautiful + original"
"STUNNING" (B&W • Black Fly By Night rhodium, labradorite and diamond brooch)
"GORGEOUS" (FALL • Oval link flame necklace)

Kim McGuire:
"Your baubles are wonderful"


On Instagram Club Murf writes:
Tré Cool! (B&W • Black Fly By Night rhodium, labradorite and diamond brooch)

Anka Anakouna:
"So cool" (B&W • Black butterfly squares with diamonds)

Lindy Lee Treasures:
"Pur-dy! (FALL • Oval link gem drops)

Academy Award Ceremony

HAZEL NY Red Carpet exclusive: Croc earring squares with green chrysoprase cabochons make their swag bag debut. Hazel NY jewelry shines along with the stars!


Beauty Bubble Magazine article

“...Celestial bodies hurtling through space, the play of light shimmering over reptilian skins, winged creatures circling over a smoky bonfire, or a viking dowry are depicted using fancy metals, colorful freshwater pearls and brilliantly hued cabochon gems and burnish set diamonds...”

With the back to nature call in design and lifestyle in general, here comes an interesting jewelry line—HAZEL NY.

It's modern, simple, yet very sophisticated. Inspired by the natural world, and interpreted with a twist, each HAZEL NY jewelry piece pays homage to the often overlooked, unusual beauty that surrounds us, says their mission statement. Additionally, their designs come in a palette of precious metal choices. Sterling silver dipped in white or gumetal rhodium, 14k green and 18k yellow gold. Without a doubt, the two most important factors that make this line stand out are unique design and variety of metal used.

The pieces from the collection make a perfect gift and are a wonderful addition to your everyday work or event outfit.


Skirt Magazine, Skirt! LOVES


I found this jewelry designer here in New York—her rings are so unique and beautiful. All inspired by nature, the use of colored metals and diamonds are so interesting. Check out the rest of her collection at www.HAZELNY.com. I'm wearing the Dino ring in sterling silver, right now…


JQ International Magazine

Meteor ring in 18k yellow gold with black and white burnish set diamonds was featured in JQ International Magazine's Shine Over Substance article in their special holiday shopping guide issue Ten Trends for 2010. The ring was also featured on JQ International Magazine’s online home page as a senior editor “favorite.”